Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm boring.

So, I was trying to blog again and realized how incredibly boring I am! I have hardly anything to share with you. So instead of rambling on about things you probably don't care about I'll try to think of something interesting.

I've been sitting here for 20 minutes and this is what I've come up with. My hedgehog, Luna, is becoming obese. It's sort of cute, actually really cute, but I don't think thats good for her. We need to get her a new, bigger wheel but in order to do that we need a bigger cage. Which cost money that me or my boyfriend, alex, don't have. We were thinking about getting a laundry basket to put her in until we had the money for a new cage but she has learned to climb up the side of her cage and enjoys sliding down it. &if she escapes that's not good.

Also, I have been reading like crazy lately! I love it! I haven't been so into reading since Harry Potter. I re-read all the Twilight books last week and ordered some books from Barnes&Noble. I've really started to like an author named Sarah Dessen. Her books all have the same sort of story line with different characters and it's great! I'm on my 7th book in the matter of two weeks. I should be getting some more today or tomorrow in the mail. I'm so excited!

My friend Logan is at boot camp for the marines, &I am so proud of her! We've been writing each other letters and it's almost I love talking to her but I don't like the fact that I can't see what I wrote to her once I get her letter back or see when I sent it out. Email would be so much simpler! I don't know how shes surviving actually. No technology at all! I would die without my phone sadly. She wrote in her last letter that where she is stationed they have cockroaches the size of rats or bigger! Ugh, that's so gross! She is one tough girl that's for sure!

I got a new laptop! I've been saving up this summer working odd jobs and I finally got enough, but since my dad didn't get me anything for graduation he paid for half. It's a gateway and it's so fast! I love the Sims but my old computer wouldn't run it but this one does!

So, I hope that was all interesting enough. If not I'm sorry. I'm boring, what can i say! Have a great Weekend!  :)