Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tigers and lemurs and catbears OH MY!!

Catbears? That's what I said when i read the sign but that is what they are called. I went to a local fair tonight and they had exotic animals. There was a bangal tiger. He was cute and HUGE. I wanted to hug and there was a little kangaroo, a baby lion, a red fox i think that bearcat thing, the lemur and this really awesome wild cat. I wanted to take them all home with me. Then there where the farm animals and it's like the petting area where you can buy the ice cream cone full of food. Well i fed a cow!! And a pig!! It was a baby and he licked my hand. I was so happy!! It was the best thing ever. And i held a baby chick. He was adorable. I named him norman. I wanted to buy him but i wasn't allowed. And he was only $1. Maybe i'll go back tomorrow and try to buy one. It was pretty awesome though. I was really sad that the exotic animals where locked in cages but then i found out they are rescue animals and they live on a 22 acre farm!!

I love animals.=]


Lissaloo said...

Sounds like a fun place, we had chickens when I was growing up- yeah they are cute when they are babies but after having to clean the chicken coop a few times I KNEW I would never own chickens! A baby kangaroo however...... ;)