Monday, August 24, 2009

Goodbye Summer.

Summer is coming to a close and it makes me sad. This was my last job free summer. Next summer a job is a requirement and I don't wanna! haha But really I should have had a job this summer but with the economy no one would hire me. Anyways, I get to go back to school soon and I'm super nervous seeing as it is a new school. But I'll have my wonderful boyfriend by my side.

**You should all check out this blog. Her name is AJ and she loves Harry Potter like myself. She also has written an addition to the Harry Potter stories. You can find that here.**

If you ever get bored and want something to do online you can check out these websites. Here's a list. Have funn!!

1: This lets you draw a picture of whatever your heart desires and it makes it look like a sketch. It's really fun.

2: This one lets you take a photo of yourself and put it into a yearbook from whatever year you want. Quite funny.

3: This site lets you play with sand! Click on the gray box to start. I got about 20 minutes of amusement out of this one.=]

4: Don't know how to hug? This will teach you how!

5: This is completely pointless and really funny.

6: Blog tips, suggestions and what not. =]

And here are some blogs you should stop by as well:

2: FU, Penguin(Note: This has swearing so if you don't like swearing don't click on the linkk)

7: ViisionGFX (My Boyfriend!!)

Random Question of the Day!! (I've decided to have a random question with every post.)

What is the weirdest talent you have?


Willoughby said...

I'm sure you're going to love your new school. It's your last year in high school, make it a great one!

Thanks for the shout out! I'll have to check out the other sites and blogs you listed.

Weirdest talent? If I said it was cooking with my bare feet, would you still eat at my house???

Lissaloo said...

It is sad to see it go :(
Weird talent? hmmmmm.... Milking a goat. That's all I got, hope you have a great start for school! :)

Gracey said...

Yes, I am sad about summer ending too... :(

I am sure you will have an amazing year in your school - try to learn a lot and enjoy yourself!

As for the weirdest talent, I would say: Having great sucess rates at drawing blood from the femoral artery! (sounds scary, but it is necessary with certain patients!)