Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm a weirdo, what can I say?

When I get bored I usually go on this website called and find funny, interesting and strange articles or pictures. I figured I would share a few (or alot) with you.

For some reason I feel Willoughby would like these...

I have a feeling this would taste really bad. But if you love chocolate..

Ashleigh, from Melbourne, Australia, is allergic to water of any temperature, a condition she's lived with since she was 14. She suffers from an extremely rare skin disorder called Aquagenic Urticaria

Does Ice Cream sound good right now? Most likely it won't in a second.

You can have...

Bacon Ice Cream

Potato Ice Cream

Charcoal Ice Cream


Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Still want some ice cream??

There are just a few. When I find some more I'll post them but right now I'm sleepy. Do you ever realize how tired you are after swimming? Especially when you have races. Right Willoughy?lol


Lissaloo said...

ummmm, no ice cream for me please, lol. Cute finds :)

Willoughby said...

Ok, I have to admit that the handerpants are kind of cool in a weird way.

The ice cream is just strange, though I think if I had to pick one, the sweet corn ice cream wouldn't be too bad. Sweet corn cake is good, right?

Yes, the pool races can be tiring. Just think what great shape we'll be in by the time summer is over!!

Anonymous said...

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