Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Computer Problems.

Hey everyone. Sorry for late comments and what not. The computer I usually use can't charge too well. The charger broke. I'll get on as much as I can but until I get this fixed I might not be commenting and posting as frequently. Sorry everyone!!! Have a great evening!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

uh uh...and to think I am a new follower!! Geeeeezzzzzz...the excuses!!

5thsister said...

How can we be upset when you have a hamster bearing flowers? Awwwww! Take care of the computer. We'll catch you when we can!

FlossingSunshine said...

is that a gerbil or a hamster? its cute.
AWMGUH u has alot of followers now. I is so happeh for ya. I remember when you like...didn't. Back in the day. Sorry having a flashback moment.
Hopefully u get it fixed soon!

Chicago Mom said...

This program is experiencing technically difficulties - please stand by.

We miss ya! Hope you are back up and running soon!