Sunday, May 3, 2009

I got 2 awards?

I'm super excited to say that i got TWO awards! They are both the same and seeing as i don't have many followers I'm only going to give it to 7 not 14.

The rules for this one are as follows-

I must post the award on my blog
List seven personality traits of mine
Pass the award to seven other bloggers

With people I don't know well I tend not to speak alot or at all. I'm especially shy in front of large groups. But once you get to know me I talk alot.

I do have a slight problem with just not liking certain people. But usually I care about everyone. Especially old people. Ask Willoughby, I call most old people cute.

I love to draw. I'm okay if I get bored with it but usually if i take my time i can really get a good drawing. I love to do scrapbooks and doodle.

lol okay maybe not totally but I can get pretty goofy sometimes and the things that come of my mouth can make me look ridiculous.

Okay I had to find a word for this one. I worry about everything. From what I'm going to wear to OMG did i forget to lock the front door! Half the time i feel worried and theres nothing to be worried about. [The above trait applies to this one!]

I love everyone close to me. Alex, Willoughby and the rest of there family, Most of my family, the few close friends Ive got and my animals!

I love being sarcastic. Its my way of being funny since anything I try to make funny isn't. Willoughby knows this as well, I'm sarcastic to her all the time.=] Just Kidding.

My awards go to[Drum roll please]

~This Stop Willoughby
~One Step at a Time
~Who Has the Thyme?
~A dash of life
I can only post 5 because I dont have any more people.=[

But Thank you for the award Willoughby and Lissaloo!!


Willoughby said...

Thank you for the award! You're right, you do call most old people (senior citizens, not people my age)cute.

Lissaloo said...

Thank You :) I didn't know you were a scrapbooker!!! Yay!! I wish I had been into it before I got married & had kids, maybe I wouldn't be so far behind :) You should post one of your drawings sometime, I would love to see one :)

Raoulysgirl said...

Thank you!!! I'm neurotic, too!!! I won't tell anyone if you won't!!!