Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Would you like to come on an adventure?

Well, im back! Its been awhile because I never know what to post about!! But finally i have something! This past weekend was memorial day vacation and I went up north with my dad my bf and his friend david. Well, I have an adventure for you to see a few random pictures and a story to share!!

First, the adventure!

We visted some sinkholes. They were pretty cool yet kinda scary to stand next too!

Here we start at a sign(obviously)It tells us all about the sinkholes.
This is actually one of the first things i noticed. At the time it was so funny. Now i don't find any humor in it.
Another sign.
The actual sink hole. Its really hard to tell because of all the trees.
This is just something that was on the trial.
There were random cracks in the earth. Here's the trail there.
The cracks in the earth. Pretty weird, huh?
Found the outhouse!!
This is the other sink hole. You can see it much better. There was a fence blocking this one but we found a way around it!

Random Photos

Here is were they dig limestone for roads and what not. It (again) hard to see but it was pretty sweet.
Here's the sun. The sky was so pretty on our last day up there.
Here is our camp fire! Warm warm warm!!
We were shooting guns for fun up there. I thought this looked pretty awesome!

Story Time!

Okay so it was like 2am and i decided to make everyones beds. We have a small little camper. Well i started taking sleeping bags off the top bunk of one of the beds and i thought it smelled alittle funny. I pulled another sleeping bag down and was about to grab another and i saw a dead mouse. I flipped out! Only because i almost touched it. I ran out of the camper screaming! It just scared me half to death! Now I think it was funny! haha


Lissaloo said...

"shudder" I HATE all mice dead or alive, yuck! Other than that the trip looked/sounded like a blast! Great pictures :)

Willoughby said...

Very cool post, the pics are awesome!

Gracey said...

I would have had a breakdown! I can't stand mice!

I liked the pics, btw. Especially the one with the gun (I don't like guns, but I liked the perspective!)

AJ said...

Hi! I found your blog today :) it's AWESOME. I'll most definetly be back! come check out my blogs!

Your "adventure" sounded fun! My family and me used to go on vacations all the time (NYC, 4 corners, UP, Tennesse, etc) in our motorhome. but we sold it last year so now we aren't camping! :(

lol i have that same countdown on my blog :D

AJ said...

btw, the gun pic looks cool!!