Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homecoming 09'

So, this Saturday(not today, lol) is my homecoming. I'm going and I'm super excited but super stressed out!! I have a budget of $60 and I need a dress and shoes. Well, here are a few of the dresses I like.

junior sparkle bowfront dress -
This one is my favorite. But it's $50. And I still need shoes with it. Any suggestions on where to get cheap shoes?

junior glittering zebra dress -
This one is $39.99. I like it but not as much as the other one.

junior rhinestone peasant dress -
This one is $35.99. It's kinda plain but if I have to get shoes I might have to go with this one.

So, any suggestions on places to get cheap dresses and shoes? I'm going on Tuesday and I could get something completely different from those but I just want an idea of some dresses. Plus I kinda wanted to maybe buy some makeup. I don't wear any but since this is kinda a special occasion I figured why not? Well, have a great weekend!


FlossingSunshine said...

Pshhaww man, this post like jsut came out and I getta comment. I think i have a fever...or im turning into a werewolf.
Anywho, I'd suggest look at
forever21 and JCPenny.and payless.

Willoughby said...

I like them all. I think any one of them would look great on you. I think Payless is probably the best place to look for shoes unless you want to order them online. I don't know if you would get them in time, though.

You're going to wear makeup? I didn't know that! If you don't have anything left in your budget, you can always borrow some from me. You've seen my makeup case, you've know I've got lots!!

Lissaloo said...

The first one is my favorite, the last one is my second pick :) What a cute pair of sandles? There should be some deals on those right now :)

Misty said...

The second one is my fave, actually. It's a great purple, a very purple purple, but not Harold and the Purple Crayon purple.
But they are all fantastic. Have fun!