Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oh the people you see!

Yesterday I went to a Starship concert with Willoughby and her family. It was awesome. We were extremely close to the stage and at the end we got to meet Mickey Thomas. But the highlight of my evening was seeing a hooker on the side of the road! I know that might seem weird but you have to know by now that I'm pretty strange. It just fascinates me I guess. Well, Willoughby's daughter asked, " What's a hooker?" and what do you tell a nine year old? Well we told her it's someone who gets paid to kiss people. Good explanation? I think so.

While I'm discussing the people that fascinate me I saw someone else when I went to warped tour. Would you like to guess? A HOBO! I was so excited!! He was sleeping in a park with a wheel chair. I wanted to go give him some money or something!! I know, I know that's weird!

Do you know how awesome it feels to be trusted? Yesterday my dad told me he wanted to go up north. I don't really enjoy it that much so we hardly ever go. Well, it's the last weekend of summer and I wanted to stay home. So, he is trusting me to stay home all alone! I'm usually home for most of the day anyways because he works but being home alone over night is new to me. I used to watch my brother for a whole weekend when I was like 12 but that's because my mom was working and I wasn't completely alone. Being trusted to stay home by my dad is an awesome feeling!


Willoughby said...

Good times, good times!

Lissaloo said...

Sounds like fun, you are braver than me. I don't like being home alone at night :)

Amy said...

It sounds like you had a fun night! I completely understand the prostitute fascination. There are many in certain ares of the city and I still can't help but look...ok, stare...when I see a prostitute. It's so hard to understand doing that.

I think your explanation to Willoughby's 9-year old daughter was great! It's the best way to explain it to her now.

Congratulations on being trusted by your dad! That's great. As has been said by someone much smarter than I (whose name I can't remember, of course!) With great trust comes great responsibility.
I hope you're having a fun weekend!

~ Amy