Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm not sure what to exactly post about tonight so I'm just going to talk about random stuff. If you get lost I'm sorry. You can redirect yourself to here and start again! Anyways, tonight was another football game. We missed the first quarter but my love did good. He didn't play alot and we were wondering why and after the game he told us one of the other team's members slammed into his arm after a play. He has a huge welt on his arm now. But he played awesome in the 4 quarter. They won 46 to 14!! Go Tigers!

Here's a bit of advice. Do you ever have a Sharpie that doesn't work because it dried out? I know how to fix your problem! Rubbing Alcohol!! If you already knew that I'm sorry to get you all excited for nothing. But you just spray or pour very little on the tip of the marker and it starts working again. Best to do this over a sink. If you draw on something with a Sharpie you can wipe it off with rubbing alcohol as well. Or nail polish remover.

A few days ago I was on this website that sells Japanese products. I found ALOT of interesting things. Some I actually wanted to buy like::

There are candy drops that are supposed to taste like burgers. I want to try one so bad. They have so many different flavors. Like noodles, sake and other random foods.haha

They also have something called a wiener shaper. Apparently you put a hot dog or mini hot dog into a plastic mold and it shapes it. There are tulips, penguins, crabs, smiley faces, hello kitty and pokemon characters and a lot more.

Magic diet room sandals. Apparently they help you to loose weight or get your legs and hips in shape. You have to stand on the front of your feet so it strengthens your leg muscles. Pretty nifty!

Last, but certainly not least, an emotion stamp. A stamps face changes depending on the way you squeeze it. I think its pretty cute. And I think I need to buy one now!

**Note: I had pictures but it wouldn't let me post it with them so if you want to see the products for youself you can go here.**

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


Willoughby said...

I don't think I would want to try any of that candy! You thought the lechee nuts were gross, I can't imagine you'd like noodle flavored candy!

Lissaloo said...

Great sharpie advice :) They have a lot of fun stuff don't they, I'm with Willoughby though, no burger candy for me Thank You :)