Sunday, October 4, 2009

Awesome Awards!!

I'm receving this wonderful award from Willoughby at This Stop Willoughby. Thank you very much. I love getting awards! Well, the rules say to answer the following questions with one word answers. Then pass it on to some blog buddies!

  • Where is your cell phone?  Pocket

  • Your hair? Thick

  • Your mother? Annoying

  • Your father? Awesome

  • Your favorite food? Rice

  • Your dream last night?  Confusing

  • Your favorite drink?  Slushies

  • Your dream/goal?   Happiness

  • What room are you in? Bedroom

  • Your hobby? Reading

  • Your fear? Lonlyness

  • Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Married?

  • Where were you last night?  Kayla's

  • Something you aren't?  Confident

  • Muffins? Sure

  • Wish list item? NewComputer

  • Where did you grow up?  Town

  • Last thing you did?  Showered

  • What are you wearing?   Clothes

  • Your TV? Harry Potter.=]

  • Your pets? OreoMochaLilaPepper

  • Your friends? Notmany..

  • Your life?  Choas

  • Your mood? Blah

  • Missing someone? Maybe 

  • Vehicle? Uglyy

  • Something you're not wearing? Crown

  • Your favorite store? Barnes&Nobles!!

  • Your favorite color? Purple

  • When was the last time you laughed? Todayy 

  • Last time you cried?  Yesterday

  • Your best friend?  None...

  • One place that I go over and over? School

  • One person who emails me regularly?  No one.

  • Favorite place to eat? This Stop Willoughby's!!

  • I would like to pass this on to a few blogs that I enjoy. It doesn't say how many people to pass it on too but I'm just going to select a feww. 

    Go visit there blogs! There all really awesome! And thank you again Willoughby for this awesome award!!


    Lissaloo said...

    I got it to work :) Thanks for the award! I LOVE Barnes & Nobles I could stay in there all day long :)
    And dang it girl- where is your crown??? :)