Friday, October 2, 2009

New Name!!!

Okay, don't get confused. But I changed my name! Why you ask? Because I'm EXTREMELY strange. And it's new name(if you haven't already noticed)is Bashful Toast! Why toast? Because I was searching for a new layout when I came across one called Grumpy Toast. I thought the toast looked cute because it had a face. So, Willoughby and I were naming off emotions when she said Bashful. All I could picture was a cute piece of toast with a face and blushed cheeks. Which I plan to make a banner of in photoshop once i get the time. But now you know! And I was kind of getting sick of PupleHoodieChick. So, go ahead and make fun of my name. But I hope you enjoy your stay at...Bashful Toast!!!


Lissaloo said...

What a cute new name! I love it :) And I am so jealous that you know how to design a banner for your blog :)

FlossingSunshine said...

that toast is awesome.
Also, awesome playlist! BoysLikeGirls are awesome.