Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh so random.

I hate being lazy. It's horrible because I want to do something but you just don't have the motivation to actually do it. That's how I was all day yesterday and this morning. But then if I just lay around I feel like I'm wasting the day away. It's a tough situation. Do you know what I mean or am I crazy?lol

I got my progress report yesterday. This is how I'm doing:

Stats:  B-
Health Occupations:  B
College Prep English 12: A
English 11:(Failed the first semester last year.=[ ) B

Yay! I want a better grade in EMT but alot of the stuff I haven't learned and I guess the students in my new school all took anatomy which helps them and doesn't help me so I have to work extra extra hard..I'm really proud of myself. No, I don't have straight A's but I have a good GPA and nothing below a C. Which in my book is awesome. I'm trying as hard as I can with this being my senior year and all.  I have 4 tardy's in first hour because the person who gives me a ride to school is always getting me late. It drives me nuts!! She might not care about her attendance but I do.

I bought a book a few days ago. I'm so excited! I've started reading it and it's super confusing but really good. It's called Tricks by Ellen Hopkins. It was $20!! Books are so expensive it's crazyy! I'm also excited because my friend Nicole might come over this weekend. She is like me if I weren't so shy. She is crazy and outspoken which I love. We are going to take pictures, give each other crazy hair and dress up! Woo!

Well, thanks for listening to my randomness. Have a great evening!


Willoughby said...

I think you're doing great in school!

Your weekend plans sound like fun. My friends and I used to have a blast giving each makeovers. Just don't do anything permanent!

FlossingSunshine said...

books are expensive. I recentl bought a paperback one for 6.99. I don't mind paying 5 or 6, but 7dollars for a paperback is a bit much.
Ur grades rock. Im getting lyk all a's one b. and ym b is lyk 1 or 2 points form an A. so I kind of hate myself. I'd rather not have to slap myself.
And lazyness? Oh yes...I know. i feel all fat when im lazy

5thsister said...

Hi Purple Hoodie Chick! Thank you for following me. Su has told me a lot about you and I think your blog is pretty cool!

Misty said...

You have two English classes?