Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And heres a few more...

Well, Sunday was sunny too. So I took some more pictures. I think I've found a new obsession. I think I'm a good photographer. Or maybe its the just the camera that makes the pictures look good. Oh well, here they are!

Okay, I know most people think squirrels are annoying or w.e but i love them. There so cute. So if i so happen to see when i try to get a picture of it.
His name is Hubert.

Awww. This is me and my love. His hand is the huge one and mine is the tiny

The sun set was really pretty again yet i just don't have luck getting a good picture. The sun sets before i can. This ones pretty anyways.

And last, we went on an adventure to find an abandoned house [no we don't have lives] and we came across this old abandoned school house.


Willoughby said...

That squirrel needs a backpack!

PurpleHoodieChick said...

lol. He does!