Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Backpacks Anyone?

So, me and who you know as Willoughby have come up with the perfect invention that is going to earn us millions! And that idea is...Squirrel Back Packs! [and party hats] I'm pretty sure the way we came up with this idea is there is a website for squirrel under ware, so we figured why not backpacks? Then party hats too!
Here is an idea of what this backpack might look like.

Introducing: Squirrel Backpacks!!

The only problems there might be is catching a squirrel. They are pretty quick! Any ideas for other squirrel accessories, let us know! lol.

Also, let us know if you'll buy one!
***Don't steal our idea either!***
Below is the link for squirrel underpants. Our idea starter!!
Click me!!


Willoughby said...

I hope no one steals our idea! lol