Friday, March 27, 2009

Warning: Gross Story

Okay, so I got a suggestion that i should post this story. I'm warning all of you now this is a pretty gross and slightly disturbing story. Read at your own risk.

Well, February of 2007, I was sitting at home and my dad got a call from my grandma. She told him that she had let her dogs out to use the bathroom and they wandered all the way down to the beach.(she lives on the St.Clair river) She kept calling to them and they wouldn't come back so she had to go down there and see what they were barking at. When she got down there she saw something but couldn't really tell what it was. She went and got my grandpa in a hurry and do you know what they discovered it to be? A women's dead body. Yep, told you it was gross and slightly disturbing. Then while my grandpa is calling the police my grandma goes and gets her camera and starts taking pictures. Shes a freak, i know. But at least all you could see was the back side of the woman. And yes, i did see these pictures. She e-mailed them to my family. I don't know why but she did. The police came and got the body and they said they figured it was a woman who had jumped off the bridge to Canada possibly last summer and had been preserved by the cold water. So they took the body away and my grandparents never heard anything about it again. There are some pretty weird things that happen in my family. But now every time i go on the beach my grandpa goes,"your standing were the dead lady was at." Which, no offence to her, is pretty gross to think about.

Pretty gross, right? But dont worry i wont post the picture. That would be cruel to her, not that my grandma e-mailing it to everyone was any better, and i dont even think i have it anymore. My dad might but you all dont really want to see it anyways.


Willoughby said...

That's so creepy!

Lissaloo said...

That IS creepy! Thanks for not posting the pictures :)