Sunday, March 15, 2009

Picture Taking Spree.

So yesterday the weather was nice and the sun was out so me and the love of my life, Alex, went outside. This led me to go on a picture taking spree. His camera is amazing and takes sweet pictures so here are a few of my favorites...

My favorite necklace. Alex got this for me two Christmas's ago.

The sun setting yesterday was really pretty. But i pulled out the camera a little too late and didn't get a really good picture. This ones okay though.

This is the water thingy in the street. I don't know why but i love this picture.

Just a picture looking down the street.

Alex was skateboarding. I got this sweet action shot.

A shadow of me and Alex. I love it as well.=]

These two pictures aren't from yesterday but i figured i would put them on here anyways.

This is a picture Mallory, Alex's sister, drew for me. She is nine and probably the best cartoon artist i have see yet.

This is a picture of the elk from a restaurant we go to. They said it was a deer though. I dedicate this picture to Alex's mom.=]


Willoughby said...

Thank you for dedicating the picture of the Elk to me!! You know how I love that "classy" decor.